About Me

I'm a 27-year-old graduate student with a BA in Spanish and plans to pursue an MA in Spanish, a PhD in linguistics, and if possible, a BS in physics, an MA in astronomy, and a PhD in astrophysics as well. I've been teaching Spanish and ESL for the past few years and have taken some graduate classes but have many years of higher education to go.

My greatest passions in life are languages, culture, science, religious debate, gaming, and the human mind. I read, write blogs, seek friendly religious discussion, hang out with friends, go to a local observatory when it's clear, watch movies and documentaries, and spend a lot of time thinking.

I hope to one day be fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, and Russian; obtain a black belt or higher in karate; create a place where homeless people can come to get cleaned up and fed before finding a place to work; become active in an atheist community; travel to Mexico, Spain, Japan, China, South Korea, England, Sweden, and various other places; and develop public speaking and debating skills well enough to take part in public formal debates.

Despite being an outspoken atheist, I am very accepting of people regardless of their religious views. Since I believe that this is the only life anyone will ever get, everyone should have basic human rights including healthy food, clothes that fit, a warm and safe place to sleep, clean water, freedoms of speech and religion, a quality education, and a life without fear and oppression. I look forward to a day when a US president can be a lesbian, Buddhist, physically disabled, third-party Asian or Hispanic woman without anyone thinking that's strange.

I am constantly amazed by evolution and our place in the universe. My goals in life are to learn as much about as many things as possible, to develop as many skills as possible, and to experience life to the fullest. I look forward to future scientific findings, especially in astronomy.

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